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Then going to the gym for the first time after a long hiatus. Wish me luck.

i highly recommend. it’s a really fun, cute film that makes me want to go to a music festival and fall in love. and now i want my own yurt.


hmmm well I’ve been eating my wealth in white peaches lately and I truly enjoy those. so I will say white peaches.

hiking to a forest or waterfall site or campground

laying down a blanket

 a sweet playlist i made will be playing through small portable speakers

things in picnic basket: aloe juice, vernors, water, apple juice, LOTS and lots of sushi, and a box of powdered jelly donuts

i will take photos of you eating or swatting the camera away and print them out later to hang on my wall

we will gaze at the nature around us and maybe strip naked to go skinny dipping

come back dripping wet and kiss letting the sun dry our bodies

having a laugh at how we’re both the only naked ones in this place

your intense friendship with her makes me sick

start watching adventure time? i need a good pick me up for when i start feeling sad (like now).