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sometimes i feel like time is moving too fast. there are so many BEAUTIFUL and breathtaking things to experience and places and faces and i want to soak in every second of it with open arms. i have this renewed enthusiasm for life again but with it comes the overwhelming anxiety that i won’t get to embrace it all fully with the limited time i have in a day. i’m ready though. i’m thrilled.


Haha! I am the breakfast bitch now huh?….. Well my absolute favorites from the top of my head are a lox bagel with capers and red onions, (& the works) OR waffles w powdered sugar & maple syrup from Perkins. Of course with coffee. That’s if I’m treating myself. But my go-to is usually something quick and simple because I’m up and at em in the morning and sometimes it’s just a “please inject food into my bloodstream” type of deal.